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The multi-strain bacterial composition of Terrum® binds atmospheric nitrogen and with the help of enzyme production it can contribute to mobilizing of soil phosphorus and potassium, transforming them into an easy to absorb form for the plants. It accelerates the decomposition of crop residues. Protecting and improveing the quality of soils Improveing the water balance of soils Soil fertility replenishment.

Dosage: 500 kg/ha

Packaging: 5kg, 20kg
terrum bio



Alpha Holding cPLC is a Hungarian venture & producer company. Market leader within veterinary and pet food business in Hungary. Our research and development activity is basically identical with the development and improvement of the company’s own product, product lines, which are completely driven by the attempt to make our products more customer oriented...

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Alpha Holding producing animal drugs and pharmaceuticals for the Hungarian market and for export purposes worldwide. Alpha Holding's vegetable nutritional supplements contain only natural components and have ecological certification. The expected production results can be enhanced with their use. They promote production efficiency..


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