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greenshield affect

humus solutionDirect Effect

- Fulvic acid has a natural antiviral and antibacterial effect.

- Sulfur (S) is contained in a unique Sulfur complex form, that is efficient against numerous fungi diseases.
- Copper (Cu) is in a natural fulvic acid form destroying fungi in a direct way.

Indirect Effect

- Manganese (Mn) in an instantly uptakable fulvic acid form in the product facilitates the production of necessary antibodies.
- The rate of microelements and fulvic acid indirectly stregthens the immune system of the plant.
- The natural fulvic acid stimulates root system development and improves the regenerative capacity of the root.
- The fulvic acid, as one of the strongest electrolit producer in nature, accelerates and improves the metabolic processes.
- The fulvic acid and micronutrient complexes increase chlorophyl content, making the plant a better user of light in poor lighted places as well.

Advantages of using GREENSHIELD®

- Increases resitance to diseases
- Increases quantity and improves quality of corps
- Improves regenerative capacity
- Extends the lasting period of corps
- Makes water absorbtion more effective and renders more tolerant against drought
- Makes fast nutrient uptake
- Protects against UV radiation
- Protects against frost damage
- Can be used in organic farming
- No waiting time

GREENSHIELD® / Testing the antifungal activities 15.01. - 15.04. 2011
Source: ORGANIT Ltd./ Hungary
WSL, Swiss Federal Research Institute, Birmensdorf, Switzerland, Sipos, Gy. PhD

Tester strains: all strains from the strain collection of the WSL Phytopathology group

Phytophthora cinnamomi / ID: M5704 / PI87

Minimal media: PDA and Diamalt agar plates (Petri dishes / 9 cm diamet

greenshield advantages


PDA: 39g Potato Dextrose Agar (from Difco) dissolved in 1000 ml distilled water

Diamalt: 20 g Malt extract from Bacto, 15 g Plant propagation agar from Pronadisa in 1000 ml of distilled water.
Media was autoclaved at 120˚C for 20 min and then kept at 50˚C for pouring the plates.
Petri dishes were filled with 25 ml media.

"GS" plates containing "GREENSHIELD®": "GS 50x", "GS 100x", "GS 200x": Indicate the dilution of GS into the actual minimal media, either PDA or Diamalt. GS was mixed regularly with the media at 50 ˚C, except for controls (50x+) when GS was 50x diluted and autoclaved in the media.

Phytophthora were grown on PDA


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